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Sculptra®️ is a collagen stimulator that stimulates the body’s own collagen production, reinforces the skin’s inner structure, and restores its volume.

BEAUTE PAR CO remains true to its values, of less is more and working with innovative products such as Sculptra, as this products is famous for its ability to stimulate collagen. 

It works as a biostimulator for collagen production thereby restoring what was lost during aging and rebuilds and reinforces the structural foundation of your skin.

 Sculptra works after multiple treatments totaling to about three sessions spread across a few months. With this done, its contents go to restore the support as well as the volume of youthful looking skin. 

The results are lasting and can take you through a couple of years.

Thanks to Sculptra’s natural collagen creation, some of the dermal issues we solve include treating deep lines, creases, and folds so that you get a more youthful appearance.

Aging comes with diminished collagen production, which is why it becomes harder and harder to maintain good skin as you age as the skin doesn’t have the same resilience and fullness it did during your younger years.

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